Report Shows Hunting’s Economic Influence

This week, the U.S. Department of Commerce's Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) released the prototype statistics from the Outdoor Recreation Satellite Account (ORSA). In other words, another report shows how the economy is supported by [...]

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DSC Convention Duplicates Success of Previous Year

With another successful Convention & Expo under its belt, DSC is doing a final tally of the numbers. Again, the show proved to be a successful joint effort of volunteers, exhibitors, donors, attendees, and others [...]

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Think You Know About Mammals?

There’s deer and dogs. Rhinos and rats. Bears and bats. But can you name all 6,495 species? This statistic comes from the new Mammal Diversity Database (MDD), which was presented in a recent study in [...]

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Texas Chapter of Wildlife Society Meets in Dallas

Big game translocation and population restoration; apps for citizen science data collection; land management for invasive species; effects of airports on migratory bird populations.... Anyone? Bueller?   This weekend, wildlife biologists, professors and students, state [...]

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Do Birds Spread Wildfires?

Birds have been known for clever behaviors. Recent articles mention fashioning tools and taking down law-breaking drones in France. But, Australian scientists are now seeking proof that birds intentionally spread wildfires. New York Times reports [...]

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Relocating Lions Is Easier Said Than Done

Problem animals. Why don’t they just move them somewhere else? Many will ask that question as if the solution was that simple. Human development is encroaching into a majority of the wild areas that are [...]

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