Satellite Imaging Could Be Future of Wildlife Research

Critics often claim that wildlife departments or pro-hunting sources purposefully over-estimate populations to set hunting quotas. The difficulty is that many researchers have to use species-specific and time-consuming techniques to track populations, based on anything [...]

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Future of Conservation in Good Hands

A 2016 study revealed that youth see a benefit to prioritizing the conservation of species with declining numbers. According to a survey done by biologists and wildlife education specialists, North Carolina youth are quite capable [...]

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When is Enough Finally Enough?

BY RICHARD CHEATHAM, DSC FOUNDATION PRESIDENT This article is featured in the Spring 2017 issue of Game Trails, our quarterly publication  for DSC members. I don’t want to hear about “fake news” like it is some recent [...]

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DSC SOUTH TEXAS offering free hunter safety course for youth

San Antonio, TX – DSC South Texas announces that it will conduct the Basic Hunter Education Course to teach hunter safety and ethics to young hunters on June 17, 2017, at the San Antonio Gun [...]

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Denmark Surprised By Return of Wolf

Two centuries have passed without any sightings of European gray wolves in the wild areas of Denmark, but in 2012, a male was spotted. Since then, a few other males have moved in, forming an [...]

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New Video- “Hunter: The True Conservationist”

  So often hunters are painted as "takers." As we know, this is far from the truth. DSC and DSC Foundation created this new video to shed light on the matter. Help us fight the [...]

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