Support for Black Rhino Import Permit

By Richard Cheatham, DSCF President DSC (this time the DSC Foundation) auctioned another black rhino export permit given to DSC Foundation by the government of Namibia. The rhino killed by the hunter in the spring [...]

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Hong Kong Passes Bill To Ban Ivory Trade

Earlier this week, Hong Kong voted to end its ivory trade. The bill also included an increase for maximum penalties –10 years in jail. Supporters see the ban as closing a large loophole since most [...]

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Good News for Rhinos, Bad News for Poachers

The number of rhinos illegally killed by poachers in South Africa decreased in 2017. Records revealed that the number is down from 1,054 in 2016. On another positive note, the conviction rate for poaching cases [...]

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Looking Back at 2017: A Year of Success for Hunting and Fishing

Over the last few weeks, the team at the US Department of the Interior has had a moment to reflect on all that has been accomplished over the last year. From overturning the ban on [...]

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Hunting’s Role in Pakistan

In Pakistan, the story of trophy hunting and the markhor is regarded as a success. But, poachers continue to threaten that status. On Dec. 28, a local Pakistani Parks and Wildlife Department caught several poachers [...]

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Back to Business Around the States

In early January, New Hampshire Fish and Game Department began the fourth year of collaring moose to study their lifespan and productivity. Surrounding states Maine and Vermont will also coordinate in the efforts to understand [...]

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