Trophy Hunting Generates $130 Million Annually to South African Economy

North-West University and PHASA conducted surveys to put an end to information gaps in the trophy hunting industry in South Africa. By breaking down survey responses and known costs, the research project determined the approximate [...]

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Know the Facts and Speak Out

 BY RICHARD T. CHEATHAM, DSC FOUNDATION PRESIDENT This article is featured in the Spring 2017 issue of Game Trails, our quarterly publication  for DSC members. Hunting, as an essential element of a well-managed wildlife management plan, works. [...]

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Hunters Save Missing Man’s Life

What do you remember the most about your first hunt? Spending time with a loved one? The crisp, cool air? The feel of the rifle stock? What about saving a man’s life? For one young [...]

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New Solution to Save Caribou: Hunt More Moose

The woodland caribou population in southern British Columbia is declining, but scientists from the University of British Columbia and the University of Alberta have discovered a way to stabilize the population: hunt more moose. The [...]

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Wildlife Facing Floods

Natural disasters can be problematic for wildlife, as mentioned in an earlier post. The good news is that ecosystems and populations are resilient in the face of these catastrophes. In Kaziranga National Park in India, [...]

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Animal Attacks

The Cute, the Comical and the Deadly Human-wildlife encounters flood news outlets around the world almost every day. Wild animals attack unsuspecting pets in the backyard, havoc breaks out at a wildlife park or dangerous [...]

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