Safari in the City

By Sam Kieschnick, Urban Wildlife Biologist for Texas Parks and Wildlife When we think of areas of high biodiversity (places with a lot of different kinds of plants and animals), we likely think of the rainforests in Brazil, the plains of Africa, or the coral reefs off the coast of Australia. I envision a giraffe [...]

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Idaho Moves Forward with Grizzly Hunt

The Idaho Fish and Game Department approved the first grizzly bear hunting season in more than 40 years. The quota? One bear. While this doesn’t seem like a big step, the Fish and Game officials have received a large pushback from anti-hunters. The opposition is so resilient that the officials are warning potential applicants that [...]

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 Bees, Unexpected Remedy for Human-Wildlife Conflict

It’s seems odd that a large animal like an elephant would be afraid of a group of tiny bees. But a team of researchers in Africa are deterring 80 percent of elephants away from farmland because of that strong fear. Elephants forage crops in the night and destroy livelihoods when they wildly trudge through villages, [...]

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