WMA Renovation Brings Special Visitor

In Virginia, hunters should expect some improvements during their next waterfowl hunt at Hog Island Wildlife Management Area (WMA). But in the meantime, bird enthusiasts can enjoy a unique visitor: the ruff. Ruffs are Eurasian sandpipers whose visits to North America are sparse but are especially unique to Hog Island. They have not been sighted [...]

Bipartisan bill would bring needed funds to deteriorating National Park Service infrastructure

This op-ed by Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke was originally posted here. There is no greater American tradition than fireworks on the Fourth of July. This year, as I watched the fireworks over our nation’s capital, under the illumination of the rockets’ red glare, I could not fail to notice the many monuments that [...]

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Good News for Saltwater Anglers

On July 11, the U.S. House of Representatives, led by Rep. Don Young (R-AK), passed a bipartisan bill on marine fisheries law that includes recreational fishing industry input for the first time. The bill aims to increase fishing access and conservation efforts by incorporating modern management approaches, science and technology to guide future decisions. However, [...]

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MEMBER ACTION ALERT: Take 5 minutes to speak up for conservation!

The Department of the Interior and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service are working diligently for the sportsman, and we need to support them in their actions. DSC has weighed in on this important action, and I am writing to ask that you also make your voice heard. This proposal opens three National Wildlife Refuges (NWRs) to [...]

The Return of Romania’s Bear Hunt

A law has finally passed in Romania to bring back the brown bear hunt. It requires the Ministry of Environment to produce a hunting quota for wildlife management each year. Since the hunting ban in late 2016, several organizations, such as the International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation (CIC), have been working for Romania [...]

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Kudu, Forest Duikers, and Unexpected Cheetahs

A look at wildlife studies from a diverse range of scientists Without the physical evidence of preserved hairs or bones, how are a group of scientists claiming lesser kudu once roamed in Saudi Arabia? Archeologists from the U.K. and Saudi Arabia analyzed over six thousand ancient rock paintings in a UNESCO World Heritage Site of [...]

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Search Continues for New Zealand Moose

The last confirmed photo of a moose in New Zealand was taken during a hunt in 1952. So how is anyone convinced that a population of Fiordland Moose still exists today? Some say that the physical evidence is obvious. Although there have been no confirmed sightings in over 60 years, hairs, footprints, and moose-specific foraging [...]

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Piecing Together the Puzzle of the Texas Mule Deer

The mission of the Borderlands Research Institute (BRI) is to help conserve the natural resources of the Chihuahuan Desert Borderlands through research, education, and outreach. One of BRI’s recent long-term mule deer studies is designed to help better understand antler growth, body characteristics, and tooth wear for mule deer of varying age classes (especially bucks). [...]

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Muntjac Spotted After 17 Years

A male and female giant muntjac (Muntiacus vuquangensis) were captured on camera in Quang Nam, Vietnam for the first time since 2000. This photo evidence is a rarity, with extremely limited documentations of this species by scientists to date. Since the two observed muntjacs are mature and of reproductive age, researchers are hopeful that there [...]

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Safari in the City

By Sam Kieschnick, Urban Wildlife Biologist for Texas Parks and Wildlife When we think of areas of high biodiversity (places with a lot of different kinds of plants and animals), we likely think of the rainforests in Brazil, the plains of Africa, or the coral reefs off the coast of Australia. I envision a giraffe [...]

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