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We Hunt for Life Fundraiser

Do you want to do everything in your power to make sure that your children, grandchildren and all who follow them have a chance to experience the thrill of the hunt and to know that you have done your share to conserve wildlife, wilderness and protect our hunting heritage? Dallas Safari Club and DSC Foundation [...]

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Support for Black Rhino Import Permit

By Richard Cheatham, DSCF President DSC (this time the DSC Foundation) auctioned another black rhino export permit given to DSC Foundation by the government of Namibia. The rhino killed by the hunter in the spring of 2017 was an old bull that had previously killed six other individuals – one post-productive male took out six [...]

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Dallas Safari Club Position on Captive Bred Lion Hunting

Few animals in Africa, or anywhere, are as iconic as the African lion. As hunters we understand the benefits of lion hunting. Dallas Safari Club has stated, and firmly believes, that in the fight to save lions, hunters are their best allies. In January 2013, Dallas Safari Club announced its definition of the ideal huntable [...]

The Reality Of The Elephant In Zimbabwe

By Andrew Dawson, Zimbabwe Professional Hunter The elephant of Zimbabwe are at a crossroads as a species. His long-term survival is being decided by a seemingly endless, but generally miss-guided cast of politicians, government officials, animal rights groups. The majority are well meaning, but hopelessly miss-informed and often purposely miss-led masses that drive policy via [...]

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DSC We Hunt for Life: Hunt of a Lifetime Giveaway

Enter now for a chance to win DSC's Hunt of a Lifetime Giveaway in Africa! DSC and the DSC Foundation are giving away an African safari in South Africa with HartzView Hunting Safaris to one lucky person. To participate, simply share what “I Hunt for Life” means to you. Click here to find out more details [...]

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WSJ Op-Ed: Hunting Can Be Good for Lions and Elephants

By Terry L. Anderson and Hannah Downey This article was featured in The Wall Street Journal this morning, November 29, 2017. The debate about hunting lions and elephants has just come roaring back. Earlier this month the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service lifted a ban on importing lion and elephant trophies from Zimbabwe and Zambia. [...]

North American Hunt Recap

As November begins, many hunting seasons remain open or are set to open soon. In the meantime, here’s how some seasons have already fared across North America. Tennessee Hunters in Tennessee took eight bull elks in October, setting a record single-season harvest. Both the number of permits and the length of hunts were increased for [...]

Combatting Poaching

Photo tourists and eco-tourists generally want to stay within a day’s journey of a major travel hub, have good roads, comfortable with a well-trained staff and wonderful food nestled in a beautiful landscape that’s not in a diseased area. Hunters require none of those amenities. Hunters will go deep into the bush which is why [...]

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