Hunting in Media Spotlight – Again

BY RICHARD T. CHEATHAM, DSC FOUNDATION EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR You may have seen the news reports about a gentleman from North Texas, who recently purchased a markhor hunt in Pakistan, and harvested a great ram. The DSC Life Member did a nice job of explaining the hunt, and setting out the benefits that his hunt provided. [...]

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Bipartisan bill would bring needed funds to deteriorating National Park Service infrastructure

This op-ed by Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke was originally posted here. There is no greater American tradition than fireworks on the Fourth of July. This year, as I watched the fireworks over our nation’s capital, under the illumination of the rockets’ red glare, I could not fail to notice the many monuments that [...]

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Know the Facts and Speak Out

 BY RICHARD T. CHEATHAM, DSC FOUNDATION PRESIDENT This article is featured in the Spring 2017 issue of Game Trails, our quarterly publication  for DSC members. Hunting, as an essential element of a well-managed wildlife management plan, works. It protects wildlife. It preserves wild places. It feeds the hungry. It brings benefit to the people who live and [...]

NSSF Calls Foul on USFWS Director’s “Parting Shot” on Traditional Ammunition

The press release re-printed below from NSSF highlights a very disappointing ruling from USFW that was issued yesterday - the last full day of the of the Director's tenure. There is no - repeat no - evidence that the use of lead ammunition has any adverse affect on arboreal wildlife, grassland wildlife, desert wildlife (or [...]

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Auction Donor Spotlight: Peacock Bass, Five Star Amenities, and the 2016 Olympic Games

Capt. Peacock Yachts & Expeditions, Texas’ premier outfitter in Brazil's Amazon, is sailing into uncharted territory come 2016 with a series of improvements, major events, and “firsts.” The first of these is the launch of the brand-new Rio Negro Queen. This 145-foot custom-built yacht is more a floating hotel than a yacht and has been [...]

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Voting: Right, Privilege and Duty

By Karl Evans The U.S. Constitution established probably the fundamental right for its citizens – voting. We get to choose who makes laws, who governs and who judges. Over the years, we have also been able to amend the U.S. Constitution to extend these rights to freedom of the press, the right to bear arms, [...]

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Danger On The The Frontline

By Dave Fulson Originally published in Sports Afield Magazine When Professional Hunter Chris Burton rolled out of camp and turned his vehicle down the bumpy, dirt two-track towards the shore of Lake Cabora Bassa, his mind was on the problem crocodile he and client Craig Johnson were in search of. But fate had decreed that [...]

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For Your Consideration: PETA v. GoDaddy.com

  By Terry L. Anderson The recent attack on hunting resulting from the illegal and unethical killing of a Zimbabwe lion (note that I avoid personifying him) is not the first time so-called animal welfare groups have used headlines to thwart sensible wildlife management. In 2011 PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) discovered [...]

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DSC Convention: A Vendor’s View

By Dave Fulson, Chifuti Safaris and Safari Classics Productions Originally published in Sports Afield Magazine As a safari operator and booking agent, hunting conventions are my link to clients who want more than phone time when planning their next adventure. Yes, we attend several each year, but for the following reasons, our team considers the [...]

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Learning from Success… and Failure

By Terry L. Anderson, William A. Dunn Distinguished Fellow, PERC, Bozeman, Montana, www.perc.org. Banning hunting is not the answer to wildlife conservation, and the story of Galana Ranch sadly proves it. Kenya banned hunting completely in 1977. The result of the ban is no better illustrated than on Galana Ranch, a property almost as large [...]

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