The Return of Romania’s Bear Hunt

A law has finally passed in Romania to bring back the brown bear hunt. It requires the Ministry of Environment to produce a hunting quota for wildlife management each year. Since the hunting ban in late 2016, several organizations, such as the International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation (CIC), have been working for Romania [...]

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TX Zone To See Earliest Dove Season Opener Since 1950

South Zone dove hunters will see the earliest opener in seven decades after Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission approved the hunting regulation changes for 2018-19. Texas hunters will see several changes this fall, including an early opener for dove season in the South Zone, a mule deer season in Lynn County, experimental mule deer antler [...]

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Bobcat Hunt Denied, Mountain Lion Hunt Proposed

Earlier this month, the Indiana Natural Resources Commission voted unanimously to withdraw a proposal that would have authorized a bobcat hunting season. With sightings and road deaths becoming more frequent, many sportsmen pushed for a change in regulations to allow them to hunt and trap bobcats. However, the proposed statewide quota, limited open counties, and [...]

Pope And Young Club Names World Record Non-Typical Coues Deer

A non-typical Coues’ White-tailed Deer taken in August 2017 officially ties the Pope and Young World Record. The hunter waited for this moment since he first saw the young buck in 2013. Their official release said: On May 19th, at a Cabela’s in Phoenix Arizona, Marvin Zieser, Corky Richardson, Roy Grace and Ed Fanchin convened [...]

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Interior Selects Hunting and Shooting Sports Conservation Council

Last Week, the Department of the Interior announced the newly appointed members of the Hunting and Shooting Sports Conservation Council that was established in early January. The group will provide the Secretary of the Interior and the Secretary of Agriculture with advice on incorporating wildlife and habitat conservation in existing and proposed policies. For the [...]

Secretary Zinke Proposes Expansion of Hunting and Fishing Opportunities at 30 of America’s National Wildlife Refuges 

This release was originally created by the Department of the Interior.  WASHINGTON – Continuing his efforts to increase access to public lands, U.S. Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke today announced a proposal to open more than 248,000 acres to new or expanded hunting and fishing opportunities at 30 national wildlife refuges. Opportunities include places like Hackmatack [...]

Hunting News: Growing Populations Means New Hunt Seasons

The North Fork area of Wyoming could see its first-ever bison hunt this fall, with a proposed 2 permits for in-state residents and 1 for out-of-state. Based on the available resources, traffic issues, and chance for livestock interactions, the Wyoming Game and Fish Department looks for a maximum of 15 bison to migrate out of [...]

Hunting’s Role in Pakistan

In Pakistan, the story of trophy hunting and the markhor is regarded as a success. But, poachers continue to threaten that status. On Dec. 28, a local Pakistani Parks and Wildlife Department caught several poachers with the meat, horns and skin of two flare-horned markhor. The Department and government worked together to prosecute the suspects [...]

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Back to Business Around the States

In early January, New Hampshire Fish and Game Department began the fourth year of collaring moose to study their lifespan and productivity. Surrounding states Maine and Vermont will also coordinate in the efforts to understand what factors affect population growth the area. Within the first few years of study, scientists have linked the rise in [...]

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CAPSTICK AWARD: And the Winner is … Khalil Karimov

By Rolf Baldus THE WINNER OF THE Peter Capstick Hunting Heritage Award for 2018 is Khalil Karimov from Tajikistan. He is one of the driving forces behind the Hunting & Conservation Alliance of Tajikistan (H&CAT), and behind the remarkable recovery of markhor, ibex, and snow leopards in the communal hunting conservancies in the Pamirs. Khalil [...]

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