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DSC and DSCF: “We Hunt For Life”

New Campaign To Educate Public On Benefits of Hunting DSC and DSCF’s media campaign will demonstrate how hunting is an integral part of international wildlife conservation. (Sept. 13, 2017 − DALLAS) – Today, DSC and DSC Foundation are debuting an ambitious campaign – “We Hunt for Life” – in order to reach hunters and non-hunters [...]

Trophy Hunting Generates $130 Million Annually to South African Economy

North-West University and PHASA conducted surveys to put an end to information gaps in the trophy hunting industry in South Africa. By breaking down survey responses and known costs, the research project determined the approximate contribution of trophy hunting to the South African Economy is $130 Million annually. The researchers sought to determine the profile [...]

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Know the Facts and Speak Out

 BY RICHARD T. CHEATHAM, DSC FOUNDATION PRESIDENT This article is featured in the Spring 2017 issue of Game Trails, our quarterly publication  for DSC members. Hunting, as an essential element of a well-managed wildlife management plan, works. It protects wildlife. It preserves wild places. It feeds the hungry. It brings benefit to the people who live and [...]

New Solution to Save Caribou: Hunt More Moose

The woodland caribou population in southern British Columbia is declining, but scientists from the University of British Columbia and the University of Alberta have discovered a way to stabilize the population: hunt more moose. The increasing moose and white-tailed deer populations have contributed to the decline of caribou. All three of these species share a [...]

Malawi: Positive Signs Emerge from Conservation Efforts

On August 2, the largest elephant translocation in Malawi’s history was completed. Since the beginning phase in July 2016, 520 elephants were moved 375 miles with a goal of alleviating conflict and pressure in an overpopulated area and reintroducing elephants in an area where the population had been decimated by poachers. African Parks, the organization [...]

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Anti-Poaching News Updates

More Funding, Stricter Punishment and a Call To Do Better World Ranger Day is a yearly acknowledgment on July 31 in appreciation for all the dedicated work and lives lost to protect wildlife and wild places. On July 26, U.S. Ambassador to Namibia Thomas F. Daughton announced a N$23 million Combating Wildlife Trafficking Grant from [...]

Hunters and Wildlife Researchers Work Together

No one wants to end up like one of the bizarre cases on a medical mystery show – with dozens of tiny, white worms living in your body. And no quail wants to be a living space for parasites either. But, for several birds in South Texas, this is their reality. Their bodies are full [...]

South Africa: Solutions for Rhino Poaching Met with Confusion, Opposition

As legalizing the domestic rhino horn trade advances in South Africa, rumors and false reports are clouding the facts of this difficult issue, causing much frustration for those who believe a legal trade will save the rhinos. To combat the rumors and false reports, the Environmental Affairs Minister recently clarified what the legalization of the [...]

Common Sense, Science Is Foundation of Lion Conservation

Last week, a collared lion was tracked and shot by a professional hunter (PH) and his client near Hwange National Park. The animal was well outside the confines of the park, and was hunted in a fair-chase, ethical manner. Upon discovering the lion was a research subject, PH Richard Cooke, a DSC member, retrieved the [...]

Conservation Key to Future of Hunting

Media Note: Qualified members of the media may pre-register for the DSC convention and expo, Jan. 5-8, 2017 at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center by contacting Greg Duncan, Blue Heron Communications, at (800) 654-3766 or For Immediate Release Media Contact: Greg Duncan, Blue Heron Communications, (800) 654-3766 or   DALLAS – At [...]

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