South Africa Parks CEO’s Visit Ends Up in Poacher Pursuit

A routine official visit for the South Africa National Parks CEO turned into a criminal pursuit when his helicopter diverted to assist with suspected poachers. For the official release issued by South African National Parks, Kruger National Park - Communications & Marketing Department see below: (21 June 2018) The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of SANParks [...]

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Prison Sentence for Convicted Rhino Horn Seller

What is the punishment for the sale of two black rhino horns? 27 months in prison, followed by three years of supervised release and a ban from antique and wildlife sales for life. In March 2014, a California man sold two rhino horns to an undercover agent from U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) posing [...]

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Good News for Rhinos, Bad News for Poachers

The number of rhinos illegally killed by poachers in South Africa decreased in 2017. Records revealed that the number is down from 1,054 in 2016. On another positive note, the conviction rate for poaching cases also increased up to 21% this year. However, the number of incidents remains high with 1,028 poached rhinos. The government [...]

DSC: Positive Elephant Finding Best Decision For Conservation, Anti-Poaching

(Nov. 17, 2017--DALLAS) DSC applauds the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announcement regarding a positive enhancement finding for elephants in the countries of Zambia and Zimbabwe. The positive enhancement standard is strict, and requires that the Service find “that the [animal] is taken as part of a well-managed conservation program that contributes to the long-term [...]

Tackling Demand for Elephants on Black Market

Legislative Moves: On October 4, the United Kingdom announced plans to ban all ivory sales. This will replace the current law that allows certain ivory items produced before March 3, 1947 to be sold. The exemptions of the new ban cover museum transactions, musical instruments (such as pianos with ivory keys), items containing traces of [...]

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Update on Domestic Rhino Horn Trade in South Africa

Opinions on the domestic rhino horn trade legalization in South Africa continue to make headlines as legal auctions commence. The breeder with the largest number of rhinos, John Hume, legally obtained permits to hold the first online horn auction in late August. As the auction open date approached, Hume had to involve the higher courts [...]

Life After the Illegal Wildlife Trade

Over 160,000 seizures were documented through the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime from 2004 to 2015. But where do the Illegal Wildlife Trade confiscations end up? Depending on what was seized, the parts can go to places such as forensic labs for research, educational institutions for awareness, or government offices for further investigations. [...]

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Anti-Poaching News Updates

More Funding, Stricter Punishment and a Call To Do Better World Ranger Day is a yearly acknowledgment on July 31 in appreciation for all the dedicated work and lives lost to protect wildlife and wild places. On July 26, U.S. Ambassador to Namibia Thomas F. Daughton announced a N$23 million Combating Wildlife Trafficking Grant from [...]

South Africa: Solutions for Rhino Poaching Met with Confusion, Opposition

As legalizing the domestic rhino horn trade advances in South Africa, rumors and false reports are clouding the facts of this difficult issue, causing much frustration for those who believe a legal trade will save the rhinos. To combat the rumors and false reports, the Environmental Affairs Minister recently clarified what the legalization of the [...]