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Grants in Action: 1,000 Students to Receive Hot Lunches

DSC Foundation supplied a grant for the Olosiva Lunch Program, which ensures that 1,000 students at the Olosiva School in Tanzania receive hot lunch every day of the school year. For some students, this simple benefit could be the motivation to stay in school. Since the inception of the program in 2002, over 100 more [...]

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Tackling Demand for Elephants on Black Market

Legislative Moves: On October 4, the United Kingdom announced plans to ban all ivory sales. This will replace the current law that allows certain ivory items produced before March 3, 1947 to be sold. The exemptions of the new ban cover museum transactions, musical instruments (such as pianos with ivory keys), items containing traces of [...]

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“It’s Meat Season:” Venison Sandwich Coming to Arby’s

Picture this: thick-cut deer meat, marinated in garlic and topped with a juniper-infused Cabernet steak sauce and crispy onions. Not the average pick-up at the fast food drive-thru, but this meal is coming to Arby’s locations nationwide on October 21 while supplies last. Last year, Arby’s rolled out venison sandwiches at limited locations in honor [...]

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Antler Man Covers 16-Foot Tall Shed in Collected Antlers

What would you do with 16,000 antlers? A Montana man, appropriately nicknamed “Antler Man,” has amassed a collection of over 16,000 shed antlers throughout his lifetime. To see the shed Jim Phillips has covered in sheds, click here. Phillips has prided himself on acquiring all the antlers the natural way –through hikes in the backcountry. [...]

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Planning a Hunt, Part 2: Select the Right Outfitter

  It's not too soon to begin planning hunts for 2018 and beyond. DSC is offering a three-part series of tips to help you get started choosing, finding and booking your next adventure of a lifetime. Part 1 discussed how to prepare for conventions. Advance work will help you decide on a specific type of [...]

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Wildlife Research Roundup

1. Species Pushing Others Toward Extinction You’ve heard of problem leopards and nuisance hogs, but what about problem sea lions? For the winter steelhead, a rainbow trout, the sea lion is decimating population numbers as they try to pass over Willamette Falls in Oregon. Last year, sea lions ate 20 to 25 percent of the [...]

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Update on Domestic Rhino Horn Trade in South Africa

Opinions on the domestic rhino horn trade legalization in South Africa continue to make headlines as legal auctions commence. The breeder with the largest number of rhinos, John Hume, legally obtained permits to hold the first online horn auction in late August. As the auction open date approached, Hume had to involve the higher courts [...]

Combatting Poaching

Photo tourists and eco-tourists generally want to stay within a day’s journey of a major travel hub, have good roads, comfortable with a well-trained staff and wonderful food nestled in a beautiful landscape that’s not in a diseased area. Hunters require none of those amenities. Hunters will go deep into the bush which is why [...]

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Planning a Hunt Part One: Prepare for Show Season

Hunting season is underway, but smart hunters are already thinking ahead. Now is the time to start planning. Legacy will be held January 4-7, only a few months away. Follow this three-part series with tips on how to choose, find and book your next adventure of a lifetime. Part 1: Preparing for upcoming hunting expos. [...]

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The Deadliest Game

Which animal do you think takes the title of Deadliest Game so far in 2017? Leopard? Buffalo? Maybe the hyena with its bone-crushing jaws? As it turns out, there are several factors under consideration in Zimbabwe. For human fatalities, crocodiles were the number one culprit, responsible for 16 out of the total 23 deaths, and [...]

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