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Yesterday, Rep. Vern Buchanans offered an amendment to HR 3055, which contains the Interior appropriations bills. The amendment would ban funds to issue permits for the import of legally hunted elephants or lions from Tanzania, Zimbabwe or Zambia. We urge you to contact Rep. Vern Buchanans office at 202-225-5015 and request that he withdraws the amendment. Below [...]

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A Victory for Botswana

This article by DSC Foundation Director Matt Boguslawski perfectly encapsulates the story behind the lifting of the hunting suspension in Botswana. From 1884 to 1885, 14 nations gathered over the course of four months to carve up the African continent during the Berlin Conference. Boundaries where drawn based on natural resources with absolutely no regard [...]

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An open letter from the APHA President

"With all the recent hype surrounding trophy hunting, the most important conservation consideration to discuss has unfortunately been sidelined by a torrent of emotionally charged rhetoric from both sides. That consideration should be the final outcome that trophy hunting has on a population in an area and what happens to that wildlife population and its [...]

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DSC Supports BBKO Talk Radio as Title Sponsor

After 10 years of sweat and tears, this small, made-in-America family talk show will join the SiriusXM satellite signal on June 1, 2019, at 4pm (ET).  From humble beginnings on one radio station in Dallas/Fort Worth, BBKO Radio will become a part of the Salem family of programming on Family Talk SiriusXM 131. In support of [...]

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Junior Duck Stamp Winner Named

Nicole Jeon’s acrylic painting of a harlequin duck took first place in the 2019 National Junior Duck Stamp Art Contest. This 16-year-old’s work will don the 2019-2020 Junior Duck Stamp, which raises funds to support educational programs and activities that nurture our next generation of sportsmen and women and conservationists. Jasmine Kang’s wood duck painting [...]

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DSC Applauds Confirmation of Bernhardt as DOI Secretary

The U.S. Senate has confirmed David Bernhardt to serve as Secretary of the Interior. (April 15, 2019 - DALLAS) -  DSC is pleased that the U.S. Senate voted to confirm David Bernhardt, President Trump's nominee, to serve as Secretary of the Department of the Interior (DOI). DSC has supported this nomination since the beginning because [...]

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Old Wild Dog Research Disproved

For 25 years, researchers have been blamed for the disappearance of wild dogs in the Serengeti National Park (SNP). Called “Burrows’ Hypothesis,” a 1991 study attributed a common research technique of handling wildlife to the demise of the dog population. Since all the dogs were gone, there was not enough data to prove or disprove [...]

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No More Delays: Rhino Poachers Sentenced

After almost a decade of delays in court, three rhino poachers were officially sentenced by a court in South Africa this March. In August 2009, several park game rangers set up a roadblock after hearing gunshots. Shortly after, three men were stopped, and promptly arrested, after the rangers and Anti-Poaching Unit found a rifle, two [...]

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The Courts Talk Elk

Wildlife Officials Take Back Management The legal red tape has been lifted for the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) to dictate elk hunting permits and restrictions as they see fit. The current regulations called for a specific population count and permit number, which the officials believe is not the only threshold required to properly [...]

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Two Years Later: Mongolian Antelope Still Struggling

In 2017, the goat plague rattled the already endangered Mongolian subspecies of the saiga antelope. In the wake of the virus, initial numbers were estimated at 7,500 remaining antelopes after the deaths of 2,500 individuals. You might remember this DSC News Center Article or reading it in a spring 2017 DSC Publication. But after all [...]

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