Dallas Safari Club (DSC) and DSC Foundation have followed with interest the reports about the recent hunt of the bull elephant called by some, “Voortrekker”.

The Ministry of Environment and Tourism of Namibia (MET) has issued several statements regarding the hunt and has outlined the process it followed in identifying the elephant and determining its status.

The Namibia Professional Hunting Association (NAPHA) has also issued a statement on the matter, denying any role in the issuance of the permit or the hunt itself.

DSC Foundation previously urged caution against jumping to conclusions or making potentially devastating claims before all facts were known. A day after calling for caution, reports emerged claiming that the professional hunter identified by those most critical of the hunt as the guide and organizer (and publicly vilified and criticized as a result), was not involved.

False and highly inflammatory claims against DSC have been leveled by those angry with the hunt and the decision-making process employed by the MET. Those making the claims against DSC have cited no evidence or proof beyond the fact that the Minister of Environment and Tourism was in Dallas during the 2019 Convention and met with representatives of DSC and DSC Foundation.

DSC and DSC Foundation deny and reject any and all claims that there was any discussion of the matter in question with the MET and that DSC or DSC Foundation had any role or part in the issuance of the permit, the use of the permit, or the hunt in question. Further, there is no basis on which the legality of the hunt can be questioned. Lastly, we fully support the right of the MET to address threats by wildlife to the people of Namibia and their property.

DSC and DSC Foundation condemn the groundless attacks on the MET and NAPHA. The MET and NAPHA are to be congratulated for their reasoned response.