USFWS Disappoints DSC with Final Rule for Alaska Wildlife Refuges

DSC is dissatisfied with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s (USFWS) final rule pertaining to management of wildlife in Alaska’s National Wildlife Refuges. The ruling takes away Alaska’s authority to set predator control regulations and [...]

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DSC Names Peter Blackwell as Artist of the Year

  A tradition since 2002, DSC chooses an outstanding outdoor wildlife artist who exhibits dedication to conservation, outdoor education and hunting as DSC Artist of the Year. For 2017, DSC has selected Peter Blackwell of [...]

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DSC Welcomes Latest Chapter – DSC South Texas

DALLAS – DSC welcomes the latest group to join its chapter affiliate program – DSC South Texas. The recent addition marks the fourth chapter to join DSC in their vision of a society that values [...]

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Make Your Voice Heard

BY ALLEN MOORE, PRESIDENT, DSC I usually don’t mention politics but this year’s presidential election in the U.S. will affect the future of hunting and gun ownership more than I can ever remember. I encourage everyone [...]

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DSCF Grant Supports Zambeze Delta Anti-Poaching

As part of its ongoing mission to ensure the future of wildlife and hunting, DSC Foundation (DSCF) recently granted funds to help support Zambeze Delta Anti-Poaching and their successful anti-poaching efforts in Mozambique. The funds [...]

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The Beauty of the Night


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