Sneezing Wild Dogs and Colorful Ocelot Prey

Nature can be complex and unpredictable. Even when biologists or wildlife scientists know a behavior occurs, certain ones are difficult to interpret and capture. Here’s a look at some of the unique wildlife moments documented [...]

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DSC Legacy’s Artist of the Year Is Sally Maxwell

(Sept. 22, 2017 − DALLAS) – Sally Maxwell, a popular, prolific artist and exhibitor at the DSC Convention and Expo, has been selected as the Artist of the Year for Legacy 2018. Maxwell’s art is [...]

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National Survey Highlights Significance of Hunting, Fishing

In 2016, 101.6 million Americans age 16 and older enjoyed some form of fishing, hunting or wildlife-associated recreation. That’s 40 percent of the U.S. population. The economic contribution of those activities was $156.3 billion. That’s [...]

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What’s Worse Than a Grizzly Bear Attack?

Being attacked twice in one day. Todd Orr became a social media sensation last October as the man who survived two grizzly bear attacks in one morning. And took a video of himself hiking to [...]

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Why We Hunt

Hunters hunt for adventure, to connect with nature and for the benefits it brings to wildlife through Sustainable Use Conservation. To learn more about why We Hunt for Life, visit dscf.org.

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DSC and DSCF: “We Hunt For Life”

New Campaign To Educate Public On Benefits of Hunting DSC and DSCF’s media campaign will demonstrate how hunting is an integral part of international wildlife conservation. (Sept. 13, 2017 − DALLAS) – Today, DSC and [...]

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