Florida Panther Making a Comeback

In February, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission confirmed a population increase for the Florida panther, or Puma concolor coryi. Only a couple dozen remained in the [...]

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Shane Mahoney: We Are on the Verge of a Renaissance for Hunting

"It is up to US to fight this fight." Our hunting world was shocked when the perception of hunting changed in the last few years, but the urbanization of society had been in front of [...]

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DSC Frontline Foundation Grant Helps Injured African Hunting Guide

DSC Frontline Foundation has approved an interim grant for African professional hunting guide Andre Bennett, who was severely injured by a Cape buffalo while assisting on a hunt in Namibia. The grant will help offset [...]

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Elk Ready to Take Back West Virginia

Restoring a population of animals that were once native to an area is no easy feat, but the West Virginia Department of Natural Resources is trying. Active planning to reintroduce elk began in 2015, and [...]

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DSC Ships Trail Cameras to African Leopard Research Project

DSC is shipping 25 trail cameras donated by Cabela’s to Zambia Lion Project’s pilot program to conduct leopard surveys in Zambia and Tanzania. DSC and the DSC Foundation support the Zambia Lion Project through their [...]

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DSC Frontline Foundation Rushes Emergency Funds to Continue Helicopter Search for Missing Guide

A professional South African hunting guide has been missing from a hunting expedition in Zimbabwe since Friday, April 7. An extensive land and air search is underway to find Scott van Zyl but the guide [...]

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